Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Too High 

Weather Demon

Here are a couple of images - I'm cheating a bit as I did these on the train during the week. The themes were: 'Too High' and 'Weather Demon' 30 mins each. I nabbed the themes from the facebook spitsketch page, but thought you guys might like them? What the next theme for this week?


  1. yo tim! that's great man. keeping it real B-)
    I'll see if I can do something tonight; if not, then definitely tomorrow.

    hey so how's the tablet working out for you? would you recommend it?

  2. Cheers buddy. The tablets amazing - I use it everyday on the train. Its a bit tricky with PS as we are all so used to the short cuts and you can't do things like pinch and zoom. Generally I rough in a painting on the tablet and get it to 90% then finish on the PC. The Weather Demon one was all on the tablet though using the free software that comes with it and then a bit of PS to grade. Would definitely recommend it!
    I'll bring it next time we have lunch.